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Exciting, fast paced action game

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000

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    7.1 (252)

Just Cause is an open-world adventure game that takes place on a fictional tropical island. Many modern games attempt realism, but Just Cause throws realistic game play out the window. The protagonist in this game is named Rico Rodgriguez. This is a third-person shooting game, but a lot of the action takes place in the air or within vehicles. The player can latch a parachute onto any driving or flying vehicle to instantly propel Rico into the air. All of the vehicles in this game can be stolen. Many of the automobiles are slow. The controls on the cars are also clunky. Just Cause also lets the player steal planes and helicopters. These vehicles are a lot more practical than the automobiles. The terrain is covered in mountains, so flying is always more practical than driving.

This game's enemies are not very intelligent. Experienced players can easily take out a dozen of them within a few minutes. The game gives the player a lot of guns and grenades from which to select. The hardest parts of this game require using special flying vehicles that can shoot projectiles. A few of the guns are not practical because their range is limited. The player can shoot while using the parachute. This gives the player a significant height advantage that is unnecessary to take rid of certain targets. Just Cause has a decent amount of variety. The game has intense chase sequences that seem to go on a lot longer than necessary. The game renders a couple city areas; these are not large or detailed. This game is mostly made up of expansive jungles and beautiful shorelines. These highly detailed areas are connected by long stretches of road. Most of the areas in this game are hostile territories occupied by enemies. A few emptier areas feel tranquil and peaceful.

Just Cause's single player mode is not long, but there is a ton of side objectives for the player to complete. It takes more than 40 hours to complete every side objective in this game. Many players may feel that a lot of the content in these side objectives is recycled. The vast majority of optional game time goes into capturing various territories around the maps. The player can expedite this process by stealing several overpowered flying vehicles found all over the map. Just Cause is not the most dense open-world game ever made, but players looking for an intense action movie experience should be overjoyed with the amount of content packed into Just Cause.


  • This game's mountain terrain is a lot of fun to fly through.
  • This game has over 300 side missions for the player to complete.
  • Capturing territories in the story mode is very fun.


  • This game's main campaign is shorter than most adventure games.
  • Many vehicles in Just Cause have controls that feel clunky and unresponsive.

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